A public exhibition outlining the proposed development of a marina facility at Burton took place last Wednesday.

Directors of the Pembroke Marine Group, the company behind the development, were available to discuss the plans with local residents and businesses.

Opinion regarding the proposal seemed to be split, with some local people fearing the village could be over-run by such a large development.

Burton resident James Thomas said: “It’s absolute nonsense. What about access? It’s already a rat run down the hill to the Jolly Sailor, it’s dangerous.”

Kate Taylor added: “All my neighbours are against it.”

Chris Campbell, Landlord of the Jolly Sailor, Burton, said: “There are businesses which they will hit locally. It isn’t well thought out in my opinion.”

However, Pembroke resident Jill Holmes welcomed the plans.

“Anything that benefits the area is good. We’re quite happy to support it,” she said.

David S. Rees, who represented the South and West Wales Marine Leisure Federation, said: “The important thing is that Welsh communities and businesses benefit from the growth in the marine industry. The benefits far outweigh any perceived disadvantages.”

Following the event Nathan Hewitt, of the Pembroke Marine Group, said it had received valuable feedback from local residents and another exhibition will be held soon to present the revised proposals.