Dear Editor - Keen students of corporate management-speak and equivocation would struggle to find two better examples than those from chief fire officer Douglas Mackay and Councillor Brian Hall quoted on page two of last week's Western Telegraph.

The question is very clear. 'Is it the intention to remove 24 hour cover from Haverfordwest Fire Station and if so, what is the likely impact of such a decision?' Instead of answering the question, both men sheltered behind verbiage in trying to convince readers that removing 24 hour cover from an entire county (not just the county town) will somehow result in an improvement in the quality of service, not a downgrading. We are not all idiots; please just answer the question and explain in plain language how removing 24 hour cover from the county's main fire station will improve service, and help us all sleep easier in our beds.

M. R. FIELD Danelea, Haul y Bryn, Wolfscastle.