ARMED police arrested one man and uncovered a replica ball-bearing gun during a raid on a Milford Haven flat on Friday.

The raid followed reports that a man had been seen brandishing a gun, in a minibus, in Herbrandston, that morning.

The suspect was traced to Fulke Street, Milford Haven, and at 12.55pm the street was blocked off at either end by police vehicles.

The eight men in the flat were ordered to leave, one by one, and then put into a waiting minibus.

Officers from the armed response unit and the dog handling unit then searched the building where they found the replica weapon.

Western Telegraph employee and eye witness, Gareth O'Sullivan, said: "I had just been to the bank and was told I could not go back into Fulke Street. As I was there the police started unloading protective gear and shields from a van, split into two groups and pointed their guns at the building.

"They shouted at the men to come down and after a short delay the first man came out in shorts and a t-shirt, after that they all trailed out and they were led to a minibus just outside.

It was then the police went in."

A police spokesman confirmed that an 18-year-old man was given a fixed penalty notice for a section five public order offence, and that seven others were taken in to help police with their enquiries.

He said that the matter had been dealt with and it would not go to court. He went on to say there was no basis to the rumours that an illegal immigrant was involved in the incident.

Another officer said: "Police wish to reassure the public that this is a rare occurrence in the Milford Haven area.

"The firearm turned out to be a replica ball-bearing gun, but calls of this nature must be fully investigated. The public are reminded of the dangers of carrying replica firearms in public."

Firearms officers and police dogs were called to a property in St Davids on Sunday.

At around 2am on Monday, a 63-year-old man from the Cardiff area was arrested on suspicion of making threats to kill, and is currently in police custody.

The arrest was made in connection with the incident reported at 10.20pm on the Sunday.