TELEGRAPH Sport can exclusively reveal that a well-known Milford Haven business has just offered Haverfordwest County a very lucrative three-year sponsorship deal.

The Welsh Premier footballing outfit has financial problems and this deal could possibly go a very long way to keep the Bluebirds afloat and playing at the highest level.

A Milford Haven business spokesman told Telegraph Sport, that the lucrative offer has been sent to Haverfordwest County, but with certain conditions and is awaiting their reply.

Some of the conditions that have been stipulated will really interest our readers (and Haverfordwest County fans) and your comments via a letter to Telegraph Sport would be greatly appreciated.

The deal is worth £45,000 (£15,000 a year) to the Bluebirds over a three season period.

However, here's a good talking point, the Milford company would like to change the name of the club to something along the lines of Pembrokeshire County.

The reason behind this idea is that all current Pembrokeshire clubs can embrace this as the main footballing team in the county.

Their senior Pembrokeshire League outfit, which is on the verge of promotion to Division One would have to be disbanded, but the youth and academy teams are to be encouraged.

The concept of this idea is that there would not be a conflict of interest because Haverfordwest County would not have a team in the Pembrokeshire League - and it would possibly be easier for every football fan in the county to embrace this idea.

The Milford-based company would also like to be kept informed of the club's finances from time to time.

Those are just a few of the conditions that the present Haverfordwest County committee will be discussing soon.

Haverfordwest County chairman Rob Summons said: "I can confirm that we have received an offer for main sponsorship for Haverfordwest County AFC from a local company.

"The offer is for a three-year period. The offer is to be evaluated and confirmation, or otherwise, will be considered over the coming months. "We are also considering other proposals at this time.

"I regret that the details of the sponsorship have been revealed to the media prior to any decisions and further discussions taking place."