Dear Editor - Local council workers and others from across the public services are currently voting in a ballot for strike action over proposed changes to their pension scheme.

They have been forced into this position by the actions of the Government and Local Government Association, which wants to cut pensions. UNISON members who work to provide local services and education are being singled out compared to teachers, civil servants, NHS staff, police officers, fire fighters and the armed forces. Current members of those pension schemes will have their benefits protected when the retirement age and future schemes are changed. Throughout their working lives, our members have paid 6% of their earnings to save for a pension. They don't earn huge amounts, so their pensions are small. However, even a small pension offers some compensation for low pay. Now the Government and the LGA want to tear up our members' pension contracts. Support your local nursery nurses, teaching assistants, police and fire service support staff, librarians, school meals workers, bin men, home carers, college and university staff and others who keep your community ticking over.

To support us, contact Dave Prentis General Secretary UNISON 1 Mabledon Place London