A mother-of-three has raised concerns over privacy in some public toilets in Pembrokeshire after spotting a security camera visible from a cubicle.

Fiona Letherby felt 'violated' and 'extermely uncomfortable' after realising that cameras could be seen from two out of six cubicles in the Regency car park loos in Saundersfoot.

She has now been assured by Pembrokeshire County Council that the security cameras, housed in two domes on the building's ceiling, are only trained on the communal areas of public conveniences, in a bid to combat vandalism.

But 44-year-old Mrs Letherby, of Bridgend, said:

"I still think that there are a lot of women who would feel their privacy had been violated by the very presence of CCTV in public toilets.

"I was absolutely horrified when I went into the cubicle and saw the camera, because I reasoned that if I could see it, it could see me.

"Although I have now been assured by Pembrokeshire County Council that any cameras in toilets are only focused on the main area around the washbasins, there must always be a concern that - in a worst-case scenario - that this could be abused."

A council spokesman explained that the authority has installed CCTV cameras in several public conveniences around Pembrokeshire which are prone to vandalism, including the Saundersfoot toilets.

"Only one camera is installed in each dome, and that is not directed towards cubicles,” he said.

“In the case of every building which has the system, each camera is pointing in the direction of the washbasin area only."

He added that CCTV in one Pembrokeshire toilet block had already recorded vandalism being carried out to a wash basin. This footage has now been passed on to police.