A Freystrop man is in jail tonight (Monday) after a jury convicted him of raping a female college student.

Adam Williams, aged 19, was found guilty by a majority of 10-2.

The jury at Swansea crown court has not yet decided a verdict on a second charge of raping a different student.

After the verdict Judge John Diehl said the "situation has now changed" and withdrew Williams' bail.

The jury will return to court tomorrow (Tuesday) morning to continue their deliberations on the outstanding charge.

Williams' barrister, James Jenkins, said he understood that a jail sentence would follow a conviction for rape.

Williams was accused by the prosecution of coaxing the girls to his home in St Clements Park on the pretext of wanting to talk to them.

But once they were inside his bedroom he is said to have held them down, pulled off their clothes and had sex with them against their will.

Williams told the jury that both girls had sex with him willingly.