A 40-year-old Neyland man took his life after he lost his job and and his girlfriend finished with him, an inquest has heard.

The Pembrokeshire Coroner heard that Daniel Kelly, aged 40, had grown up in a violent environment. First in Belfast and then in London, where he had spent a lot of his time in care.

He had been treated for irritability, anger depression and psychic trauma and had spent time as a patient in Pembrokeshire's Bro Cerwyn unit.

In December 2009 his girlfriend ended their relationship. The following month his lost his job at the Rose and Willow. At that time told his sister that he felt like putting a rope round his neck, the inquest heard.

The next time he spoke to her, however, it seemed like he was getting his life back together. He had gone to the job centre and contacted the housing officer about moving to Haverfordwest.

However on February 11th he was found hanged in his room at 67 High Street, Neyland.

The Pembrokeshire coroner, Mark Layton, ruled that Mr Kelly died as a result of self-inflicted asphyxiation.