Dear Editor

My husband and I have just returned from a holiday in Pembrokeshire.

The reason we picked the particular location was because we were told we would probably see badgers. I had never seen a live badger, only dead ones on the side of the road.

We were not disappointed and saw badgers every night.

I was horrified to learn of the proposed cull, especially as there is a vaccine which is licensed for use on badgers.

I am particularly concerned that the adults will be killed while young ones will starve to death or come crawling out of the setts in search of their parents. What is the provision for them?

I for one will not be returning to Wales if the cull goes ahead. I fear your tourism industry might suffer, with the current economic climate. With many more people holidaying nearer home, do you really need this?

I have now joined the Badger Trust and written to Elin Jones, the minster for rural affairs. I plead with your readers to do the same. Perhaps more notice will be taken if many more local people voice their opinion.

I can empathise with farmers affected by bovine TB, however, when there is an alternative available, such as a vaccine for badgers, I really feel this should be tried first.

Barbara Prest
Deepdale Drive,