A Red Roses man has been prosecuted for running an illegal puppy farm.

Hywel John Walters has pleaded guilty to an offence contrary to Section 1B of the Dogs Act 1973.

The court was told that Walters had been advertising puppies for sale over a long period of time.

Despite repeated visits to his kennels at Upper Castle Ely, Red Roses, to advise him, he continued to sell puppies and did not apply for a licence.

Late last year a complaint was received that a puppy purchased from Walters was sick and a visit was undertaken.

It was found that there were several litters of puppies on site and an investigation was initiated.

During the time of the legal proceedings Walters began to make improvements to his kennels, and then applied for a licence which was recently granted.

Last Monday Ammanford magistrates court imposed a 12 month conditional discharge. Walters was also ordered to pay a contribution of £200 towards prosecution costs.