Having read the comment by Malcolm Stacey regarding the heading of the Boxing Day Meet picture, I found myself writing to my local paper for the first time in 40 years to respond. There was nothing untrue in the heading of the annual Boxing Day scene, it is indeed observed and enjoyed by 'many'. I was taken aback by the strongly worded opinion, potrayed by Mr Stacey, but I accept freedom of speech, and would therefore like to express mine.

Hunts all over the country are abiding with the law and complying to regulations.

What many people don't realise is that since the Hunting Ban was brought to Parliament the profile has been raised so much that every man and his dog has come out of the woodwork in support of Hunting. Many Hunts are recording record numbers, children are being encouraged to keep the tradition going, and even those who were not in great favour before have jumped ships simply because they support each individual's right to choose.

It is as likely that some families would have avoided Haverfordwest on that day, rather than be attracted to it simply because it may have been tricky to drive through the town for a short period. The same as I would avoid Haverfordwest Carnival Day for the very same reason, it doesn't mean I am against it taking place.

Pembrokeshire and South Pembrokeshire Hunts hold strong well respected ties with the farming communities. The great pleasure of being able to enjoy our countryside, places where you would never normally be able to ride, with your greatest friend beneath you, surrounded by equally welcoming, friendly groups of people could never be replaced.

Am I a member of either hunt?... No! Am I a horse rider?... Not for 15yrs or so. But I might just be both by the start of the next hunt season.

Karen Brown Johnston Haverfordwest