PEMBROKESHIRE’S new parking regime means an end to the days when tradesmen parked on double yellow lines with a note on their windscreen.

Now they will have to pay†at least £25 if their work means that their vehicles have to be left in ‘no parking’ areas – or risk a fine.

Builders, window cleaners, removal men†and glaziers are among the trades who may be granted parking waivers or dispensations by Pembrokeshire County Council.

They will need to apply three days in advance, paying a £15, non-refundable fee. If the application is allowed, they will then be charged £10 for each space required.

The council’s guidance notes state that ‘same day dispensations may be granted in emergency situations’.

They add: “A dispensation is not intended for those who will not require constant access to their vehicle. They must drop off tools/equipment and then park where it is legal to do so. A dispensation will only be issued where the council agrees there is no alternative option available.”

The†dispensation scheme was highlighted at Tenby Town Council last week, when Councillor Caroline Thomas commented: “So many streets in Tenby do not have parking spaces outside. We managed in the past because the police were flexible. We have now lost this flexibility.”

Pembrokeshire County Council spokesman Len Mullins said: “Previously, contractors were used to parking anywhere with little control and much abuse. We are beginning to exercise some control in an area where there has been little management previously.”

Emergency services, highway contractors, Royal Mail vehicles, doctors and up to three cars for weddings or funerals are exempt from needing a dispensation.

Application forms are available either online or†by contacting†the council’s parking services on 01437 764551.

Loading bays are ticket hotspots

Loading bays throughout Pembrokeshire are turning into parking ticket hotspots.

Whoever parks in the bays must be seen to be returning to their vehicle within minutes to prove that loading or unloading is actually taking place.

Council spokesman Len Mullins said: “There are two types of loading bay. Goods vehicle loading bays are for goods vehicles only. Standard loading bays can be used by anyone for 20 minutes (or whatever the parking sign dictates), providing loading or unloading – not shopping – is taking place.

“Regulations allow for five minutes observation time by civil parking enforcement officers.”