A Haverfordwest woman who nearly died while giving birth to her third child has highlighted the importance of keeping hospital services close to home.

Had it not been for the fast action and skill of the gynaecological team at Withybush Hospital, Kath Morgan would have lost her life and left three young children to grow up without their mother.

The consultant-led obstetrics unit, a surgical speciality dealing with mothers and babies during pregnancy and birth, was listed in last year’s controversial Hywel Dda Health Board leaked document as potentially being relocated to Carmarthen’s Glangwili Hospital.

Things were expected to go smoothly when Kath went into labour on December 30th but serious complications developed suddenly and the quick action of the Withybush team saved her and daughter Seren’s life.

Seren’s umbilical cord became wrapped around her neck and Kath suffered severe bleeding following an emergency Caesarean section.

Kath and husband Tony, from Haverfordwest, said the consultants, nurses and theatre staff were “fantastic” during a very difficult time for the family.

Kath, who is now well on the road to recovery after three operations totalling seven hours of surgery and 17 units of blood, bravely retold her emotional story to highlight how vital a consultant led gynaecological team at Withybush Hospital is.

“Without this superb team I would not be here today. My family and I owe my life to their skill, dedication and brilliance.”

The amount of blood Kath lost and the speed of her deterioration meant she would not have survived travelling any distance.

“I was five seconds away from the worst case scenario, it could have ended up with all three growing up without a mum.

“If the consultant team hadn’t have been there it would have been a different story.

“It was difficult even living so close, how could you manage 30 miles up the road?

“It’s funny to say you owe someone your life but what those four doctors did, you realise what a great service they are giving.

“We really are grateful, I’m living proof of how much they are needed here.”

Tony, nicknamed superdad by staff as he looked after newborn Seren, four-year-old Sonny and two-year-old Hope while Kath was recovering, added: “The thought of going home without her was awful.

“They said if she makes it through the first night she had a good chance of recovering.

“All I could think about was the children. What would you say if you came home on your own?”

Assistant director of midwifery and safeguarding children, Carole Bell, said: “We are absolutely delighted that Mrs Morgan is pleased with the service she received at Withybush Hospital and that her baby was delivered safely.

“There are currently no plans in place to change the maternity services at Withybush Hospital. Hywel Dda Health Board continually reviews its services and as part of the five-year framework is currently engaging with consultants across our healthcare services to ensure the right services are provided for local people in the future.”