A lengthy report into the long-running saga of a Newport house is set to be made public at a National Park meeting this month.

Following numerous planning discussions and campaigns to remove the building, the authority’s monitoring officer has conducted a review into issues surrounding Bettws Newydd.

His findings will be revealed at the next development management committee meeting.

A final attempt to get the building demolished failed last month, when members voted against issuing a discontinuance order.

Monitoring officer John Parsons referred to Bettws Newydd as a ‘long and complex saga’ at last week’s National Park Authority meeting.

He added that the report was currently 165 pages long, but he hoped to condense it into 50 pages before presenting it to members, and officers previously employed by the authority would be given a chance to comment.

Mr Parsons said: “Bettws Newydd is a very important issue for this authority. “Unless we are open to critical examination on things we have done, we will never be able to move on.”

“It is important to remember that the authority has already taken steps to increase performance.”

Chairman Richard Howells said: “This report must come to the next development management meeting, otherwise it loses its impact, and we will lose our credibility with the people in the Newport area that lessons have been learnt.”

Mr Parsons said it was important to look at Bettws Newydd and all the issues surrounding the saga, and now was the right time.

He added that the report was ‘not an exercise in finger pointing’.

He said: “There has to be clarity, certainty and conclusion for all of us as to what we do as a result of this.”