The proposed badger cull could lead to social division and direct action according to campaigners fighting the order.

Election candidates, Terry Mills, Labour, and Bob Kilmister, Lib Dem, both against the cull, attended a meeting called by Pembrokeshire Against the Cull (PAC) in Newport on Friday night.

Conservative Paul Davies AM and Plaid candidate Rhys Sinnott did not attend, but issued statements.

PAC also showed the film ‘Why we think culling badgers is a really bad idea’, which featured scenes of masked men and police trying to make their way onto land at Brithdir Mawr during a confrontation with protesters last year.

PAC chairman Celia Thomas said: “People have said it is sad that we find ourselves here again. But we know a lot more now, and have learnt a lot along the way. We are not going to just let this happen.”

She added that prohibitions within the cull mean that discussing how to oppose the cull and inciting people to oppose it could be illegal.

Celia: “In theory we could be arrested for showing that film, because we are in the IAA.”

Terry Mills said he would ignore the Labour whip and vote against the cull if elected.

“I believe the badger cull and the science is unsound and we should not be proceeding with it.

“Elin Jones wants to show the farmers she is doing something. The cull is not the answer.”

He added: “I think Elin Jones is the worst example of appeasement since Neville Chamberlain.

“It does not work. It will harm tourism and social cohesion.”

Cllr Kilmister spoke against the cull, and said the current TB test was flawed.

He added that tourism would be damaged and landowner would be pitched against landowner.

“I think there will be violence and direct action. There will be lots and lots of trouble, probably by people coming into the area.

“The oral vaccine is the way forward, and we need to invest in it.”