The Badger Trust is again looking to the courts to stop the controversial cull of badgers in Pembrokeshire.

Badger Trust Chairman, David Williams said on Friday afternoon: "The Badger Trust, with the support of landowner members who are also part of Pembrokeshire Against the Cull, has sent a letter before action with a view to commencing legal proceedings in the High Court if the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) refuses to revoke its Order to destroy badgers. The WAG proposes to kill badgers as part of its bovine tuberculosis (bTB) eradication programme.

"In the Trust’s formal letter before action to the WAG it sets out why it considers that the High Court should strike down the Order made on March 9th 2011 by the Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones in the last weeks of the Assembly term.

"It is our duty to pursue all legal means to protect the badger. Yet again the Trust is challenging the legality of a decision by the WAG. The members of Britain’s Badger Groups and our generous and loyal supporters look to us to secure the welfare of the badger in line with our objectives as a charity acting in the public interest.

"The Badger Trust is the only organisation solely focussed on protecting this species, which is threatened by misconceived culling plans which are likely to cause more harm than good in terms of bTB reduction."