One of the UK's most distinctive seaside buildings comes under the spotlight of the TV cameras this week.

Tenby's unique former lifeboat station - once described as 'the most photographed tin shed in Britain' - has been converted into a modern home by Tim and Philomena O'Donovan.

And the transformation of the structure is now being revealed in Channel 4's Grand Designs programme on Wednesday.

The old lifeboat station, off Castle Hill, was home to the brave souls of the RNLI for over 100 years.

And the O'Donovans showed their own courage when they decided to convert it into a unique, contemporary home as well as preserving the historic building for the nation.

Tim - the boss of Cardiff-based civil engineering company, Horan - became the leaseholder of the red-roofed building after it became surplus to the RNLI's requirements.

The plans for the scheme, drawn up by Argent Architects, were for a galleried and oak-floored living space and four bedrooms, with a picture window and balcony replacing the launch doors.

But, said a Channel 4 spokesman: "Nothing could have prepared Tim and Philomena for the battles they would have to fight to pull this building into shape.

"Perched precariously on a steer pier, 40 feet above the sea, with no access except across the soft, sandy beach, the lifeboat station was and always will be at the mercy of the sea.

"Any deliveries have to be timed to beat the rapid incoming tides, which often get the better of Tim's floundering machinery.

"Then there's the building to contend with - a weather-worn, rusting and rotten hulk of a boathouse that was never designed to be lived in.

"As Tim wages war on the surly structure, it falls to Philomena to transform the interior from what was once little more than a tin shed into a beautiful modern home with far-reaching views of the sea."

Grand Designs is on Channel 4 on Wednesday at 9pm.