Plans to build an unmanned 14,000 square metre power plant in part of RNAD Valley, Trecwn, have been submitted to Pembrokeshire County Council.

Renewable Developments Wales has applied to build a diesel-fired ‘peaking plant’, which would produce 20MW of power using 11 generators, each stored within its own soundproof container.

The site, situated near the entrance of the disused armaments depot, would also comprise of fuel storage tanks, two exhaust stacks and a control room.

Peaking plants are temporary power stations which only operate in times of maximum demand when there is a surge in electricity use.

They are historically used for only a few hours a year.

However, it is anticipated that more peaking plants will be needed as we come to rely more on renewable energy, such as wind power, which can be intermittent in supply.

National Grid has said it needs to double its standby capacity by 2020 in order to avoid rolling blackouts.

The Trecwn power plant, which would have an operational lifespan of 25 years, would be situated around 500 metres away from houses in Barham Road, but applicant RD Wales says it will not be visible from the houses or the air, due to its valley location.

The plant would take a year to build and would employ 50 part-time construction workers, some of whom would be sourced from local contractors.

It would then employ two part-time maintenance engineers.

Pembrokeshire County Council is inviting comments on the application until Wednesday, November 2nd.