As the local town councillor for Market ward and also the current mayor of Pembroke Dock, it is with great sadness that all the rumours we have been dealing with over the last six months about the possible closure/ relocation of the market have been proved to be true, with the likelihood of the traders having to be out after the new year.

My family has lived in Princes Street since 1953 and in the general area since the war. Gran would go down to the market at 7am every Friday to get her shopping for the weekend and arrange for the greengrocer to put aside fruit boxes for me to collect later to make kindling for her lounge fire. The market has always been a communal event every Friday for the residents of Pembroke Dock and some see their weekly journey to the market as their chance to catch up on the local gossip and meet some of their friends. To lose the market will have a devastating effect on these residents and will probably mean they will not have any reason to leave their homes at all.

I have received numerous messages of disgust about the decision by Pembrokeshire County Council to consider closing a market which has been in existence for so long as a way of saving a pittance. I ask all of those loyal customers of Pembroke Dock Market to come down to the market and show your support and sign the petition that the traders have organised. I have set up a group on Facebook Save Pembroke Dock Market; you could also contact the County Councillor for Market Ward Cllr Brian Hall to tell him of your disapproval of the plans.

We as town councillors have been pressing for information over the last four months and all we were told was all markets were under review and that no decision had been made, yet customers were coming in and telling the traders that they had heard they were moving. Some of the traders have been at the market for many years. The butcher is the third generation of his family to come to Pembroke Dock each week.

Relocation of the market is very difficult due to environmental health regulation regarding sale of uncooked meat and fish the traders have by law got to use hot and cold running water and use refrigeration to preserve the meat and fish.

Moving to the Pater Hall as was suggested in a recent letter would be impossible.

Cllr Andrew McNaughton Mayor of Pembroke Dock