Dear Editor, I feel that I must reply to the letter "No Light at the end of the tunnel"

I am sorry that Eric Howells has seen so few live badgers, it is a delightful sight enjoyed by many. Eric's assumption that the dead badgers he has seen are victims of TB is clearly wrong, these are roadkill, the greatest killer of Badgers.

Similarly his support of the Farmers (apparently) hoping to save the badgers from extinction and painful deaths is misguided, there would probably be little controversy if the proposal were just to cull Badgers with TB, or those in or close to farms where cattle had tested positive for TB. A cull is defined as "the removal of selected individuals usually due to disease," action proposed by the last WAG was NOT to cull, to exterminate Badgers over a huge area by trapping and shooting every one possible over at least five years. The Government had even taken powers to extend this to the whole of Wales!

Eric Howells should perhaps read the reports by many eminent Scientific groups (The Royal Society, The Independent Scientific Group, The Royal Zoological Society etc.) which have all warned about the lack of success that the proposed action will have.

Meanwhile, there has been vast amounts of money wasted by the WAG on this totally unwise proposal. It is heartening to see that the number of cases of TB in cattle in West Wales has fallen by 37% or more in just two years, almost certainly due entirely to better Cattle testing and movement control, however a recent warning has been issued that the number of overdue Cattle TB tests has rocketed to over 400! It is essential that the Government, the Veterinary Services and the farming community keep their efforts focussed on these actions which will so obviously continue to have a positive impact on the levels of TB.

Steve Jarvis Lochvane Penycwm