Why is it that large vehicle hire firms, for example, are not paid millions of pounds by the government as compensation when the weather inhibits the use of the highways, such as during blizzards and high snowfall? If this question is deemed ridiculous then perhaps someone can write in and explain why government paid Scottish wind farms millions of pounds (of our money) during recent stormy weather a month or so back - this was because the wind generators had to shut down to avoid structural damage. It would appear the village idiot is in control of electrical energy supplies, especially when it comes to ineffective, costly, noisy and scenery destroying ‘Wellsian’ monstrosities such as large scale wind generators. It truly beggars belief that we now have to pay power stations (of the wind variety) millions of pounds when they are not producing any energy! It also begs the question as to whose pocket does this money actually end up in, and how long would this money keep a conventional power station running?

Pity about a wind generator bursting into flames and another being blown down in the recent Scottish storms, and a guess there is more fun and games to come when they start erecting even taller wind generators! Yes, it goodbye Scotland and welcome to Fairyland.

Dave Haskell