PARANORMAL investigators are to look into spooky sightings of a ghostly child pulling a cart near Carew.

The spooktacular sight was spotted on the A477. The witness told the Western Telegraph: “Has anyone else seen a ghost of a young boy pulling a wooden cart which is too large to be a toy?

“I saw him running across the road very quickly and when I arrived at the point where he would have been, there was no sign of him.

“There were just very thick gorse bushes and there is no way he could have disappeared into these. I arrived there in seconds.

There was no sign of him.”

The sighting has now been passed on to Pembrokeshire Beyond, who investigate ghostly going-on.

Co-founder Shaun Sables said: “Carew is a fascinating place. We have had many reports of a variety of different sightings and experiences from people living and visiting the area.

“From memory this is the first report of a boy pulling a cart that I have heard of.

“It’s hard for us to say what the cause of this is without more specifics and further description of the sighting, though it may well be paranormal.”

To get in touch with Pembrokeshire Beyond email shaun@pembrokeshire or visit www.