A DEVASTATED mother is calling for answers after her 14-year-old daughter, who was in the care of social services, was found dead last week.

Police are investigating the death of Sarah Pollock’s daughter Seren Bernard, who would have turned 15 next month, after she was discovered at Hakin Point, Milford Haven, on Monday, April 2nd.

Despite her grief at her youngest child's sudden death, Sarah says she is speaking out to avoid another family going through the same tragedy.

She says the authorities "disregarded" her warnings that something like this would happen unless her daughter received the help and counselling she believes she needed.

"My daughter was 14 and in local authority care against my wishes," Sarah said.

"I've fought for two years in my daughter's best interest against the local authority, two years down the line we were still waiting for the counselling I proposed, but now it's too late.

"I’ve said numerous times ‘has my daughter got to be on a slab before we get the help and counselling needed?’ And that's where she is now. Her best interests were all I ever had at heart."

Describing a meeting with social services just a week before Seren's death, Sarah said: "I was shouting 'am I the only one here concerned about her welfare?’ They told me to leave to compose myself.

"I asked for extra vigilance – the amount of times I said 'what has to happen before I can get the help she needs?'

"Now my daughter's dead, nothing’s going to bring her back and I want answers."

Seren had been living with other family members and then foster carers for around two years - and made headlines last September when she went missing for more than 10 days - but Sarah had always retained parental responsibility.

Seren's older brother remained at home and is a grade A student, as Seren was before her troubles began, her mother said. She was also a keen sportswoman and Sarah helped her channel her energy into positive activities.

Sarah said that her decisions had been "overruled" on a number of occasions and recently her daughter had been allowed to attend a birthday party at a Haverfordwest nightclub against her wishes, after which Seren ended up in hospital due to alcohol use.

"Alarm bells should have rung - they were for me," said Sarah. "My daughter had a perfectly good home, it was the underlying mental issues that needed sorting.

"She was clever, beautiful, talented and had everything going for her.

"I should have been keeping her safe, I'm her mum – I feel I should have been the one protecting her and they have taken that away from me. Now my little girl isn't here. All it would have taken was for somebody to listen.

"I understand these things can take time, but my daughter ran out of time and they let her down."

Sarah is calling for changes at Pembrokeshire County Council’s social services department and quicker access to counselling for those who need it.

"If this is what they call protecting children, I'd hate to see them subject them to harm," she said. "They can say nobody could foresee this, but why was I shouting so long and hard for two years?

"I know I'm part of the jigsaw, but I was not my daughter’s problem. I'm angry and my heart is broken, but I'm not guilty. They should have been bringing my daughter home so I could keep her safe."

Pembrokeshire County Council said that Seren’s case has been referred to the Pembrokeshire Local Safeguarding Children’s Board but was unable to comment at this time.

A spokesman added: "The death of a child is obviously a matter of great concern and sadness no matter what the circumstances in which it occurred.

"Every child death in Pembrokeshire is referred to the Pembrokeshire Local Safeguarding Children’s Board.

"The Board will examine all the issues surrounding the death which is currently under the jurisdiction of HM Coroner.

"It is therefore inappropriate to comment further at this stage."

* Seren's funeral will take place at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth at 10am Monday. The arrangements are being carried out by Roy Folland and Son, Haverfordwest.