A father with a rare medical condition says he and his family will be forced from their home by the creation of a diesel-fired power plant at the former Valley arms depot at Trecwn.

Guy Wood, who suffers from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), says the development of the 11 diesel generator engines hundreds of metres from his home on Barham Road means he will have to move.

Mr Wood suffers from disorientation, nausea and headaches as a result of exposure to even low levels of chemicals from sources ranging from varnishes and paints to petrol exhaust.

Pembrokeshire County Council planners approved the application last Tuesday, despite Mr Wood asking for his family to be relocated if it went ahead.

Mr Wood spent two years living apart from wife Jo and nine-year-old daughter Seren before they moved to Trecwn because of the condition.

"This was never going to be the dream house, but it was sort of working. It isn't perfect but it meant we could be reunited as a family," he added.

A letter sent to the county council by his doctor said "in order to survive he must be in control of his environment" adding the construction of such a development alone will "definitely exacerbate" his condition.

Mr Wood added: "I don't want to be seen as any kind of victim, I'm just trying to take suitable action for me and my family.”

He said the application raised "bigger issues", namely the environmental impacts, the effects on other residents and the viability of the scheme.

"They had 21 hectares and they shove it up against No 1 Barham Road. The chimney stack will be at roof height," he said.

"They shouldn't just ignore us and roll us over."

"It's a brilliant site, the things they could do and they're going to put a smoke stack there that is probably going to block forward developments. I can't see it as a sensible use of a unique Pembrokeshire asset."

"For my health and following the CPRW's advice and my medical advice, it means we're out of here."