Dear Editor:- Please allow me to use your letters page to find the answers to some rumours, which seem to be circulating in Pembrokeshire prompted by the actions of Hywel-Dda Health Board to centralise some hospital services, prompted by the public’s concern about the future of hospital services in Pembrokeshire and prompted by the unwillingness of the Board to engage in meaningful discussion with the public.

Firstly, is it correct that several of the professional change managers on the Board have their homes in England and have been commuting weekly in and out of Dyfed for at least two years?

Secondly, is it correct that previously some of these same change managers were involved in health service reorganisation in the North-West of England which, most certainly in Rochdale, have caused major concerns?

Thirdly, is it correct that as soon as the reorganisation here is completed, these change managers will probably more into other areas of the UK leaving locals to pick up the pieces?

Perhaps this is another insurance of schadenfreude with the Welsh Assembly being the real culprit. How else does their reluctance to intervene be explained? Perhaps this explains why the Assembly has curtailed the powers of the Community Health Councils and may even be following the policy in England of abolishing CHC’s altogether with the disastrous consequences which resulted.

If this is so and it is all about saving money the Assembly needs to re-examine its spending priorities.

If this is so our AM’s and other elected representatives need to remind themselves what can happen on election day.

As you can see I am truly puzzled. Can someone help me, please?

Sir Walter Scott wrote ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive’.

John Cole Westhill Avenue