THE team behind Atlantic Trampolines based in Pembroke Dock have revealed to local MP Simon Hart details of how a leap of faith led to success.

The company has sold 50,000 trampolines in the past 10 years from its London Road Industrial Estate warehouse and has shipped them all over the UK and Europe.

Director Jon Edwards set up the business with a former colleague in 2005 and at one time they were one of the busiest traders on eBay.

Mr Edwards said: “It started as a hobby for us in 2005, bringing in the product, doing the storage and distribution and marketing it online. Because trampolines are bulky and you can’t really display them in shops we sold them on eBay and were one of their heaviest sellers for three years.”

Now the company sells via its own website and is starting to branch out into other play equipment.

“We find that accessories are selling well such as a dome tent that turns your trampoline into a tent, or a roof tent that goes on the top of the netting to keep it dry, we also sell bounce boards and are doing swings and slides as well,” added Mr Edwards.

All the trampolines are made in the Far East and shipped into Southampton before going to the Pembroke Dock warehouse from where they are sold all over the UK and Europe – with one even going all the way back to Hong Kong.

Mr Hart added: “It was great to hear the Atlantic Trampolines story; what started out as two colleagues having a bright idea and taking a risk has turned into a 10-year success selling 50,000 units and employing four people.”