A MUCH-needed counselling service that has been helping local people for more than 20 years needs your help.

Pembrokeshire Counselling Service (PCS) offers free talking therapy to those who need it.

Staffed entirely by volunteers, PCS counsellers currently meets with in various, temporary venues scattered throughout Pembrokeshire.

This sometimes makes it difficult for both client and counsellor to met regularly.

THe service now has the chance to secure dedicated, permanent, daytime rooms within another charity's building in Haverfordwest, with access for longer hours throughout the working week.

But this will cost money, and PCS's limited funding is needed to cover running expenses of the service.

PCS are applying for up to £1,000 of funding from the Aviva Community Fund, which would enable it to hire a permanent venue.

In addition PCS, the room hire fee will help the host charity provide specialist services to its own clients.

As a charitable organisation PCS has been running this free service since 1996 and has counselled many clients in the last 21 years.

This is your chance to help it find a home.

Simply click here, register, and then you can cast up to 10 votes for PCS, or share your votes between other local organisations seeking funding from Aviva.

The Aviva Community Fund will finance more than 500 projects across four different fund levels and four categories, giving awards to communities throughout the UK.

In the £1,000 funding level, the first 200 projects in any category to get 1,000 votes will receive the funding they applied for.

Voting closes on Tuesday, so make sure you have your say now.