HAVERFORDWEST’s mysterious yarn bombers have struck again, wrapping up the town centre in woollen decorations fit for the festive season.

Streets throughout the centre of the county town have been brightened up by the presence of knitted Father Christmases, Snowmen, and Christmas trees, as well as reindeers, presents, and Christmas puddings.

The town’s yarn bombing group are secretive about their methods and means, and set to work from 6am on Sunday, December 3 to decorate the town this year.

14 members of the group took part in decorating the town with more than 20 members of the group making the knitted decorations this year.

The group would like to thank Pembrokeshire County Council for donating money towards the cost of the wool used for making the decorations, as well as Wickes Haverfordwest, and Smith and Jones, Prendergast for supporting them by providing other materials.

The yarn bombers have spent four months knitting the decorations for this year’s Christmas surprise, and already have several events planned for 2018.