MILFORD Haven Coastguard co-ordinated the rescue of an elderly couple cut off by the tide around the coastline in Carmarthenshire yesterday (Friday).

The rescue took place in Scott's Bay, Llansteffan and involved the joint efforts of HM Coastguard Llansteffan, HM Coastguard Tenby, Ferryside Independent Lifeboat and the Coastguard Rescue 187 Helicopter.

They were tasked to the scene at 1:20pm following a report of two people being stranded by the tide.

The casualties had managed to scramble up the cliff side away from the incoming tide.

Rescue Officers from HM Coastguard Llansteffan managed to traverse across the rocky outcrop whilst Ferryside Lifeboat monitored the situation from the water.

It then became apparent that a helicopter was required in order to winch the casualties safely away from the rocks and the lashing tide.

This was then tasked to the scene by Milford Haven Coastguard Operations Centre co-ordinating the rescue.

Coastguard Rescue 187 Helicopter arrived on scene and managed to safely winch up the elderly casualties. The couple were then assessed by the onboard medical team where they were given the all clear.

Tenby Coastguard Rescue team along with members of the Llansteffan team were then tasked to clear a helicopter landing site ready for Coastguard 187.

The helicopter landed at Llansteffan football field, where the very relieved and grateful couple disembarked.