A "remorseless" sex attacker who threatened to kill a woman as he subjected her to a violent attack has been told his six-year jail term was justified.

During his onslaught, Alan Haines, 52, beat and "humiliated" his victim and left her terrified she would be killed.

Haines, of West Court, Haverfordwest, was locked up at Swansea Crown Court in August last year.

He was convicted of sexual assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and making a threat to kill.

At London's Criminal Appeal Court, Sir Kenneth Parker heard him argue that his sentence was too harsh.

But the judge, sitting with Judge David Aubrey QC and Lord Justice Irwin, threw out his complaints.

Sir Kenneth said: "There were significant aggravating factors. He was remorseless and the effect on the victim was considerable.

"She was petrified and thought she was going to die.

"A considerable degree of violence was used and he humiliated her during the attack.

"The sentencing judge took into account the mitigation, which was limited, and this sentence cannot be regarded as in any way manifestly excessive."

The appeal judge concluded: "This application is refused."