A former Royal Mail postal worker is to receive "a very long prison sentence" after a jury convicted him this afternoon of raping a young girl.

Jeffrey Lias, aged 50, formerly of Dark Street, was found guilty of rape, indecency with a child and indecent assault following a trial at Swansea crown court.

The jury heard that Lias was arrested after the girl made a complaint to her mother years after the offending had come to an end.

She contacted Pembrokeshire social services who called in the police.

After today's verdicts Lias was immediately remanded into custody.

The Judge, Mr Recorder Chris Clee warned him he would receive a "very long term in custody."

But he wanted a probation officer to prepare a report into whether Lias posed a danger to other young girls in the future.

Lias, now of Oak Street, Preston, Lancashire, will be sentenced on March 19.