Drunkenly slapping a man’s bottom led to a Milford Haven woman being attacked by a DJ, a court has heard.

Ian MacDonald, of Willow End, Mount Estate, Milford Haven, was due to stand trial at Haverfordwest magistrates court on Wednesday, but pleaded guilty to assault and an amended public order charge at the start of the hearing.

The court heard that MacDonald, aged 38, and his wife Natasha had been out for the evening in Fishguard on November 25, when she slapped another man’s behind in what was described as a ‘friendly, jokey gesture’.

As they approached their home, MacDonald stated he wanted a word with his wife before going inside.

Vaughan Pritchard-Jones, prosecuting, said: “He then, out of the blue, grabbed her by the throat and pushed her back against a shed with some force. He was very angry and shouted at her.”

MacDonald, who was ‘red in the face and very aggressive’ swore at her and called her names before grabbing her a second time.

The bench was told that following the breakdown of the relationship, he tried to persuade her to speak to him in his car when their paths crossed on the street on December 18, and became abusive when she was reluctant.

He then shouted at Mrs MacDonald’s friend who was with her at the time, swearing and telling her to stay out of their marriage, causing her some alarm.

Jonathan Webb, defending, said that MacDonald, who worked as a DJ, had been out in Fishguard on the night of the assault, and both parties had been drinking.

“Mr MacDonald accepts that he over-reacted. He lost his temper and acted in the way described. He is extremely apologetic and remorseful. He finds it very difficult to accept that he acted in such a way towards his wife.”

Mr Webb added: “His wife obviously thought it was funny to slap another man’s bottom, he did not.”

Magistrates fined MacDonald a total of £214 and ordered him to pay £200 towards court costs, plus a £30 surcharge.

A restraining order was imposed prohibiting him from contacting the victim, or loitering within 20 metres of her address.