Two men were left bleeding and shocked after they were glassed during a party in a Haverfordwest hotel.

Jessica Jackson, of Vicary Crescent, Milford Haven, appeared before Haverfordwest magistrates on Tuesday, June 5.

She pleaded guilty to unlawfully and maliciously wounding David Garland and assaulting Erfyn Al-Talal occasioning actual bodily harm on December 22.

Abul Hussain, prosecuting, told the court that both victims were attending a Christmas party at the County Hotel, when Mr Al-Talal noticed Jackson speaking aggressively and shouting loudly while talking to people at his table at around 7.45pm.

At one point she turned to Mr Al-Talal, swore at him and said he was ignoring her.

He apologised for any offence he may have caused, but could not understand why she was so angry.

Mr Hussain said: “The next thing he knew the defendant punched him three times. The first two landed on his chest, the third on his shoulder.”

Jackson, 31, grabbed and twisted Mr Al-Talal’s finger when he put up his hand to block her blows, which left him unable to use his crutch to walk following the incident.

She was taken away by other people, but approached aggressively once again, holding a glass above her shoulder.

Mr Hussain said: “She struck him with the glass in her hand. He feared for his sight. He was struck with full force, the glass smashed and he could feel glass penetrate his head.”

Mr Al-Talal was in shock as Jackson was taken away, and was given assistance to stop the bleeding.

Mr Garland was at a separate table when he became aware of Jackson aggressively shouting, swearing, and ‘kicking off’.

He suddenly realised that a glass had been thrown in his direction and immediately felt blood dripping down his face as his head was sliced open.

The injury required stitches, and left Mr Garland unable to work because he could not wear a safety hat.

Jackson, who was of previous clean character, told the court that she had little recollection of what happened.

Megan Williams, defending, said: “She has taken full responsibility for two assaults, despite having no recollection. She has an anxiety disorder, but alcohol had been consumed on the night.”

Magistrates declined jurisdiction and sent the case to Swansea crown court for sentencing on July 6.

Jackson was released on unconditional bail.