A Milford Haven woman's campaign for NHS funded trials of the drug Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) goes to Downing Street today (Tuesday), as she hands over a 13,000 signature petition to Gordon Brown.

Jayne Crocker founded LDNNow with her partner Andrew Barnett. They both take LDN, for ulcerative colitis and for secondary progressive MS, a generic drug which is only prescribed by around 200 doctors in the UK and is currently out of patent.

The couple believe that the drug will never be trialled by drug companies as it would not make enough profits. The only way for the drug to be comprehensively trialled, they say, is with UK Government funding. These trials would, they believe, give doctors the confidence to prescribe LDN.

They set up the LDNNow petition on the 10 Downing Street website this summer and have gathered 13,026 signatures. It was the 4th most signed petition in the health category and 14th overall out of all petitions.

In August TV's Dr Chris Steele MBE joined the campaign as ambassador and will be handing over the petition at 10 Downing Street at 4pm today.

Another result of the campaign, they say, is that twice as many people in the UK are taking LDN (around 6,000) compared to this time last year.

Both Jayne and Andrew stress that the drug in not a miracle cure or wonder drug but say that the drug, which costs around £1 a day, has made a huge difference to the lives of people suffering from MS, cancer, HIV and AIDS and other auto immune disorders.

"Most people find out about LDN through their own personal research and then only get it on private prescription," said Jayne.

" Dr Chris Steele hopes to change this so this drug can at the very least be offered as front line treatment on the NHS.

"The time has come to fund the trials for this important drug and end the apathy of a system that leaves low cost drugs floundering when they could be saving money and lives. It is safer than Paracetamol, so LDN should be offered as a first line of defence.  "The handing in of this petition by Dr Chris Steele is an important time for the NHS, and one we hope will save a lot of lives and a lot of misery for a lot of people and their families."

For more information on LDN and to view the petition go to www.ldnnow.com.