TWO major dairy groups have announced rises in milk prices going into autumn.

As a result of strengthening markets, First Milk, with a creamery in Pembrokeshire, has confirmed a rise in member prices of between 1ppl and 1.1ppl in September.

Last month the farmer co-operative wrote to their members detailing plans to discontinue A and B pricing and individual transport charges, plus the introduction of a production bonus.

Meadow Foods, with a site on the Welsh border at Chester, has announced that it will be increasing its milk price by +1ppl from October 1, taking their standard A litre milk price to 30.00ppl.

The increase will be added to the flat rate element on the price schedule.

The 1.0ppl rise for the Haverfordwest pool brings the price to 29.05ppl.

Both groups said they foresee a continuing strong market and the prospect of further rises in the coming months.