Carmarthenshire’s highly successful feature county year has come to a close with a clutch of broken records and a valuable legacy to the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society.

Their term of office ended at the society’s annual council meeting held this year at the showground on Friday, December 8.

Ably led by president, Brian Jones, Carmarthenshire has had a record breaking year in more ways than one.

David Lewis, chair of council for the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society, expressed his gratitude to the Carmarthenshire team: “They have broken world records, held well over 150 events, introduced the new Muck and Soil Event, but most of all had a lot of fun. It is particularly pleasing to note that they have also raised over £30,000 for other good causes, such as prostate cancer and breast cancer, amongst others, in the name of the Royal Welsh.”

Vice-chair of the Carmarthenshire advisory committee, Meirion Owen, and chair of the Carmarthenshire ladies committee, Sharon Richards, proposed votes of thanks to the retiring 2017 president, Brian Jones and 2017 lady ambassador, Georgina Cornock-Evans, respectively.

Together, with the rest of the Carmarthenshire team, Brian, Georgina and their families have had had a very successful couple of years fundraising for the society’s equine project.

With the resources already invested in the project from the 2015 feature county of Gwent, work on the equine project is already in full flow.

With over 3,000 horses entered at the Royal Welsh Show, together with the strength of the horse sections at the Winter Fair, Spring Festival and horse sales, the importance of horses is fully understood by the society which is delighted that the project to improve the quality of the equine facilities on the showground can continue.

“I truly believe that the efforts we have made over the past two years are not just for Carmarthenshire, but for the whole of Wales,” said Brian as he thanked his team for their, hardwork, loyalty and kindness.

In total the accumulation of two years hard work resulted in the feature county raising an impressive £521,000.

Following in the footsteps of the 2017 feature county of Carmarthenshire, it is now the turn of Montgomeryshire to take up the mantle for 2018.