THE 165th Cardigan Agricultural Show drew the crowds to Briscwm on Saturday (August 3) as the weather gods smiled down.

The odd early-morning shower failed to dampen the enthusiasm of both competitors and visitors as the switch to a weekend event, first trialled last year, again proved popular.

There was something for everyone and chairman Lyn Jones said it was great to see the show continue to thrive despite the many changes over the years.

“It is an important day to show the countryside and agriculture at its best,” said Lyn.

“So many different things affect the show with the changes in quarantine rules and other such things but the change to a Saturday seems to be popular and it’s great to see families coming through the gates to spend the day here.

“On behalf of the show, I would like to thank sponsors, advertiser, stall holders and exhibitors for their continued support and finally to the committee members, stewards and volunteers.

“Your hard work ensures the continued success of the show.”

Results for Cardigan County Show 2019

Supreme Champion in the Horse Section - Catherine Owen

Supreme Champion Gelding - Judith Reed

Supreme Working Hunter - Claire Griffiths

Supreme Champion in the Dairy Cattle Section - Ifan James

Supreme Champion in the Beef Cattle Section - Caryl Davies

Supreme Champion in the Sheep Section - S S & M H Davies

Reserve Supreme Champion in the Sheep Section - Linda Richard-Davies

Supreme Champion in the Goat Section - J Camm

Reserve Supreme Champion in the Goat Section - C & D Tyler

Best Exhibit in Pig Section - Owens Family

Champion Cow in Holstein Section - Ifan James

Champion Cow in Any Other Dairy Breed - P Reed

Champion Cow in Beef Section - Caryl Davies

Champion Cow in Any Other Beef Section - James & Davies

Best Exhibit in Welsh Black Section - Angharad Jones

Best Exhibit in Limousin Section - C Davies

Best Exhibit in Simmental Section - Aled Evans

Best Exhibit in Commercial Beef Section - E Phillips

Best Exhibit in Shire Horse Section - E & L Davies

Best Exhibit in Section B’s - Rosemary Rees

Best Exhibit in Section D’s - P Denning

Best Exhibit in Section C’s - W & A Thomas

Best Exhibit in Section A’s - Charlotte Owen

Best Exhibit in Ridden Welsh Classes - Sophie Chambers

Best Exhibit in Welsh Part-Bred - Jane James

Best Exhibit in Palomino - Claire Edwards

Best Exhibit in Pure or Part-Bred Arabs - J Bryant

Best Exhibit in Show Hunter Pony Breeding - Jane James

Best Exhibit in Hunters - Ruth Rees

Best Exhibit in Children’s Riding Ponies - D H McKenzie

Best Exhibit in Mini Working Hunter Ponies - Claire Griffiths

Champion Open Working Hunter Pony - Charlotte Devonald

Best Exhibit in Show Hunter Ponies - Powell & Jarman

Best Exhibit in Shetland Ponies - Sandra Davis

Best Exhibit in Coloured Horses and Ponies - Molly Walsh

Best Exhibit in Miniature Horses - Jillian Duke

Best Exhibit in Any Foreign Breed - Barry Thomas

Best Exhibit Traditional Gypsy Cob - Barry Thomas

Best Exhibit in Mountain & Moorland In-Hand - Jade Phillips

Best Exhibit in M & M Lead Rein & First Ridden - Kate Canton

Best Exhibit in NPS M&M Open Ridden - Chloe Jones

Best Mounted Fancy Dress - Lucy Roberts

Best Exhibit in Welsh Mountain Sheep – G & E Lloyd

Best Exhibit in Llanwenog - Elfyn Morgans

Best Exhibit in Lowland sheep - Lynda Richards-Davies

Best Exhibit in Texel - G M Davies

Best Exhibit in Continental - I J & M H Davies

Best Exhibit in Dorset - G E Jones

Best Exhibit in Rare Minority - S Butler

Best Exhibit in Any Other Hill Breed - Elfyn Morgan

Best Exhibit in Badger Face - Michael Evans

Best Pet Lamb Junior Children - Ann Jones

Best Pet Lamb Senior Children - Ann Jones

Best Tradestand over 25ft - Mount Zion

Best Tradestand under 25ft - Tir Coed