Visitors to the first ever Welsh Alpaca Show on Saturday, October 12, at the United Counties Showground, in Carmarthen, will be able to discover the close-up appeal of these amazing South American camelids.

Once a rare sight, alpacas now seem to appear on a daily basis. From television advertising to stationery – not to mention the fields and agricultural shows of west Wales – their endearing, inquisitive faces are becoming more familiar and popular.

Organised by a group of Welsh alpaca breeders, the event will be a celebration of all things alpaca; from the animals themselves to the wide range of crafts, clothing and items created using the unique fibre they produce.

Over 70 alpacas will be appearing in the showring and visitors will also be able to enjoy craft demonstrations, workshops and trade stands.

Although alpacas are a single species, they come in more than 20 colours, from white, through brown to black, as well as two fleece varieties; the fluffy, teddy bearish huacaya and the elegant, afghan-like suri.

Both types will be appearing in the show classes where they will be judged on fleece quality and confirmation. British alpacas are sheared in late spring or early summer so this will be a short fleece show and the contestants won’t be in their full, fluffy finery, but there will be lots to see including young handler classes and even fancy dress.

Alpaca ownership is becoming increasingly popular but unfortunately many people obtain them with little understanding of their welfare needs. Alpaca owners are a friendly bunch who will happily discuss their alpacas from dawn until dusk. Whether you are thinking of owning alpaca, love crafting with their fibre or just want to know more, there will be plenty of experts on hand to answer any questions you may have.

So whether you want to get close to the alpacas or buy something made from the most sustainable fibre in the world, the Welsh Alpaca Show is the place for all Welsh alpaccaddicts to go.

Gates open at 09am and close at 5pm. Entry is free for visitors.

No dogs will be permitted into the show area.

For more information contact or find them on Facebook and Instagram.