After the busiest possible start to the farm sales market in January, the Covid-19 outbreak slammed the brakes on.

But things are looking up, says Daniel Rees, head of rural agency at Savills Cardiff.

“The election result gave way to the busiest January for several years in terms of meeting new prospective farm sellers with a view to marketing and selling their farms in 2020," said Mr Rees.

"A number of farms ranging from dairy, mixed and livestock were seen and gave the go-ahead for marketing later in the spring, around April/May.

“The outbreak of Covid-19 and subsequent lockdown restrictions put the brakes on launching these farms but marketing preparations have been ongoing and most will be in a position to come to the market in due course to tie in with when prospective buyers can physically go and view them.”

“From the early stages of lockdown we have seen the phone and email enquiries for farms and properties with land increase, this bodes well for the future.”

Daniel continued: “There is certainly pent-up demand for buyers who are eager to see increased stock and choice on the market compared to 2019 when it was limited due to the Brexit uncertainty. Farmer buyers are still in the market for one-off opportunities although recent market difficulties (especially in the dairy sector) may postpone some with their purchase/expansion plans.

“The ‘lifestyle’ seeking purchasers are certainly active looking for country properties with land offering more space and freedom than they might be currently enjoying in their homes during lockdown.”

A survey from Savills residential research team at the end of April, which surveyed 700 buyers and sellers from across the UK, indicated a change in preferences from perspective buyers.

Around four in 10 would now find a village location more appealing than previously, while 54 per cent of those with school age children now find the idea of a countryside location more attractive than before Covid-19.

“Virtual viewings via video have been popular with both sellers and buyers during lockdown, giving buyers a real perspective of the properties and we have received a number of acceptable offers in advance of physical viewings in due course which is encouraging,” Mr Rees added.