Why do politicians and others in authority blithely accept all the latest propaganda, pumped out by people with a vegan or rewilding agenda and then proceed to ram it down the throats of the rest of the naive population?

According to Google, (so it must be right?) the carbon capture of one acre of growing forest is 2.5 tonnes, while an acre of grassland captures four tonnes.

If a cow requires 10 acres of unproductive unfertilised moorland and produces the equivalent of two tonnes per year of greenhouse gas, then this is still a net saving of carbon capture of 1.3 tonnes per acre per year more than a forest.

This is assuming that the forest doesn't catch fire or is used for firewood.

Go figure!

In order to discourage carbon use, start by taxing aviation, or better still the fashion industry, which produces more carbon than aviation and shipping combined.

Trevor Davies