In the wake of latest figures showing a worrying rise in farm deaths, Yamaha is offering free ATV rider competency training to anyone purchasing a new Yamaha ATV.

Recent Health and Safety Executive figures show 40 people were killed on farms in the UK last year, including nine in Wales.

Yamaha has pledged to help improve farm safety by offering ATV competency training from the European All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Institute to new buyers.

“ATVs when used properly can save time and money. Our training courses highlight general machine checks, upkeep, weight distribution and active riding, which is imperative when operating on uneven, rutted terrain which is so often found on farms,” said Amy Morris, EASI UK regional operations manager.

Taking a basic course to learn riding skills and use the correct equipment can help prevent the risk of accidents.

“With the ever-increasing popularity of ATVs, many operators have little or no experience. An ATV handles very differently to cars and motorcycles so it is vitally important that all users should learn how to safely operate an ATV by taking an operator course,” she said.

The training can be completed in one day and there are 38 centres throughout the UK to do so. EASI advises that all riders, including those with years of experience, make the most of this offer.

“Even experienced riders can find themselves in potentially hazardous situations that can, without the correct training and knowledge, result in serious accidents. We welcome this move by Yamaha and hope that its customers will take advantage of this offer.”