WELL done Withybush Hospital.

Recently a friend of ours had a fall in Pembroke at approximately 1.30pm. She was taken to a nearby builders’ merchant to sit down and have a cup of tea. We were telephoned at 2pm to collect her and her car as she was unable to drive. She was in pain with her arm, so we decided to take her to her doctor’s surgery or Withybush Hospital.

We called into Argyle Street Surgery who advised us to go to Withybush. We arrived at 3.10pm and booked into A and E. The waiting time indicator showed that there would be an hour’s wait. After 50 minutes we saw a triage nurse, then the doctor organised an X-ray.

This was done, back to the doctor for a sling and pain relief.

Our friend had a fracture of the upper arm. The traffic was very busy along Freemans Way but we managed to collect her car from Pembroke and drive back home to Lamphey by 5.15pm.

The care and attention we received at Withybush was excellent.