Anne-Marie Greene, from Johnston, and her friend Hannah Gover are walking to raise awareness and funds for a condition called PPROM that affects mothers-to-be and can cause babies to be born prematurely or even stillborn.

The pair have been seen stomping around coastal sites in Goodwick and Newport as they take on a journey walking the full coastal path of Pembrokeshire.

The decision to walk the coastal path and raise money for Little Heartbeats PPROM charity came after Anne-Marie and her husband, Nathan experienced PPROM first-hand this year.

PPROM stands for preterm pre-labour rupture of membranes that increases the chance of the baby being born prematurely.

Anne-Marie experienced this at just 16 weeks into her pregnancy, and said it felt like her whole world was falling apart around her; she eventually had to give birth to her baby, Mia-Rose Greene at 23 weeks, who was unfortunately 'born sleeping'.

More of Anne-Marie's experience can be read on her justgiving page here.

But it is what has led, so far, to a total of £2,150 being raised for the Little Heartbeats PPROM charity.

The duo, along with friends and family, are hoping to finish their walk in the next few days, and said they are more than happy with what they have raised so far - especially considering their original target was £250.

Anne-Marie said: "I hope by raising money for Little Hearbeats they can continue to help other families going through the same thing and continue to change how medical professionals treat this condition by providing more education on the condition, so it can be better managed and hopefully one day something can be developed to increase the chances of babies' survival in these circumstances."

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