PEMBROKE Rotary Club has been learning all about a unified history of heritage in Pembroke and Pembroke Dock.

This is the ambition of a new forum set up by trustees of the Pembroke Town Walls Trust.

The idea is to promote Pembroke and Pembroke Dock as an exciting place to live and visit – using the area’s rich heritage as its focal point.

Elizabeth Gossage and Robbie Rickman outlined the idea to members of the Rotary Club of Pembroke at Cleddau Bridge Hotel on Thursday September 28.

Elizabeth said: “This is an inter-generative project that will have huge benefits for all ages, especially for young people – enabling skills to be learned and confidence built for the benefit of all.’’ Robbie showed how this could be achieved through great story telling and the use of modern media devices such as Youtube and Twitter, where masses of people tend to view every day, every hour.

He demonstrated this with a video by John Green. The video can be seen by Googling: ‘How Young is History?’ Rotarian Emyr Williams thanked both Elizabeth and Robbie for a most interesting and enthusiastic presentation.