A TEAM raising funds for a community minibus for Pennar recently took part in a hair-raising descent of Pembroke Castle.

Pembroke Dock councillor Peter Kraus and his team from Pennar Community School were recently out in force trying to raise funds for the much-needed minibus, which would be used by the school and the local community.

The team, including many young daredevils, took part in an abseil down the keep in Pembroke Castle.

The aim is to raise £10,000 by Christmas 2017.

So far £1,760 has been raised, and it is hoped the abseil will boost the fund by at least another £1,000.

Cllr Kraus said: “There have been other events organised between now and Christmas, which include a sponsored walk around the Stackpole Estate which anyone can join in on October 22, and the walk starts at 10am, meeting point is the Stackpole Centre car park at 09.40am. Aiming for a punctual start.

“There will be other events happening between then and Christmas We are looking as much support as possible.

“If anyone would like to help in any way we would be so grateful.

“I want the children of Pennar Community School to have the mini- bus in their courtyard before they break up for Christmas. What a lovely present that would be.

“That would be my dream come true for them.”

For more information please contact Peter Kraus on 01646 685234, or 07867765716, or the school on 01646 684402.