WITH HALLOWE’EN fast approaching, youngster, and the not-so-young, are gearing up for a celebration of all things spooky and scary on October 31.

For one Pembroke youngster, the annual scream-fest is all the more important.

Ethan Kettle, 14, of Woodside Grove, has taken his taste for ghoulish decorations further than the average fiend fan, with some 100 horror-related decorations on display at his home.

Ethan, who is also a huge fan of Christmas decorations, with an even larger number on display for the festive season, takes nearly a week to turn his home in to a Hallowe’en haven.

He has previously used his Christmas displays to help raise funds for the Haverfordwest-based Puffins disability club, which was attended by his younger brother Tobi, who was born with Down’s Syndrome.

“My brother used to go there, he’s just having a break at the moment; they were really good with him. Tobi got a lot more confident with the water,” said Ethan.

Ethan started his impressive collection of Christmas and Hallowe’en exhibits following an overseas trip taken by his dad, Leigh.

“My dad went to America about 10 years ago, of course it’s big out there; he brought back some stuff.”

Since then Ethan has been avidly collecting Hallowe’en, and Christmas, decorations, spending nearly all his money, including Christmas and birthday cash.

“For the past three years I’ve spent about £400, I spend all my savings and birthday and Christmas money.

“I’ve got probably over 100 pieces, that’s just Hallowe’en, the Christmas stuff is more than that.

“It takes five days for Hallowe’en to sort it all out and then for Christmas, with outside, it probably takes a week-and-a-half.”