PEMBROKE Dock Community School’s innovative approach to promoting health and well-being has again been championed, with a Wales first.

The school was recently presented with its fourth re-assessment plaque for the Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes National Quality Award by senior Public Health Officer and lead for Healthy Schools and Pre-schools in Pembrokeshire, Liz Western.

It is the first school in Wales to achieve the re-assessment four times.

Since the last re-assessment the school has become a pioneer school for the new curriculum and has also achieved the Rights Respecting Schools Award level 2, placing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) at the heart of the school’s core values and ethos.

The school was successfully re-assessed at the end of the summer term.

In her report, author Lynne Perry said: “Pembroke Dock Community Primary School continues to excel as a health promoting school.

“Health behaviours are embedded into the life of the school.

“The ‘can do’ attitude is evident in the aspiration to continually find and implement initiatives which improve the health and well-being of the whole school community.”

She added, “This report is just an overview, it is difficult to do justice to all that is in place. This ensures that the wonderful work continues and new and innovative ways of promoting health and well-being are embraced.”

The school’s next drive is to promote healthy lunchboxes with parents and to reduce plastic waste in the dinner hall.

Headteacher Michele Thomas said, “The children’s knowledge of health and well-being and their responses to Liz Western was excellent and I’m very proud of them.

“They continue to demonstrate a commitment to promoting health and well-being across the school and their efforts should be applauded.”