CALLS to make Pembroke Dock Town Council more inclusive to the community, and to increase public confidence in members, were backed at the October meeting.

At the September 7 meeting of the town council, three motions were submitted by town and county councillor Josh Beynon, but later deferred.

Cllr Beynon proposed the council adopt two youth members, aged 15-18, who would have no voting rights, but would have the right to speak at meetings.

He proposed the youth members serve a term of two years, with posts advertised locally, with interviews undertaken by the town council’s personnel committee.

A full description of the role and details of the application process be advertised.

“I believe it is important that we are seen to be working towards sustainable choices for the future and it is highly important we include today’s youth in those decisions going forward.”

Cllr Beynon has also proposed all town councillors and staff be provided with ID badges for events during their work as councillors, explaining: “This is important so the public can identify us as councillors and our staff, so we are able to help with any issues that may arise at any event we attend.”

Cllr Beynon has also called for councillors to be checked for fitness to serve through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) system of checks.

He proposed: “This council resolves that the mayor and deputy mayor of the council undergo an enhanced DBS check after the commencement of their term in office.”

Cllr Beynon said such a motion would help make the public aware that the mayor and deputy could safely carry out their term of office and work with anyone within the community.

At the October meeting, Councillor Pam George said: “I agree with all the three motions we’ve got here, an excellent idea.”