A SPECIAL celebration, held in Reynalton recently, has raised more than £300 for a charity treating a rare genetic condition.

Geoffrey Evans, of Corner Park Farm, recently celebrated his 80th birthday, with more than 130 people attending a marquee complete with a dance band in the farm yard.

Western Telegraph:

A special cake was also made for Mr Evans, depicting him with a dove on his shoulder, based on a photograph taken 10 years previously.

Western Telegraph:

Instead of presents, Mr Evans had requested donations to the Fanconi Hope charity, which raises funds to provide guidance, information and much-needed research in to the extremely rare Fanconi Anemia genetic disorder.

The disorder causes bone marrow failure and a predisposition to cancer.

For Geoff, supporting the charity had a personal reason, his granddaughter Francesca suffers from the condition, becoming critically ill in 2014 when she was just seven years old, after her bone marrow failed.

Francesca underwent blood and platelet transfusions, followed by a bone marrow transplant in October 2014, along with a course of chemotherapy.

Francesca, now 11, is now three years post-transplant, and is fit and healthy.

During the party, Francesca and family were attending a conference in the north of England, the only one of its kind in the UK, meeting consultants who were expert in the condition.

Mr Evans said: “I just want to thank those who supported the charity on the day, as well as Mrs Knox and Sharon for the catering, Jess Ward for the folk dance music, and Nick Pudsey for the video production."

If anyone wishes to donate to the charity, see fanconihope.org

PICTURES: Nick Pudsey, Pembrokeshire Video Productions.