A “cheeky” seagull which got stuck inside a bin while looking for food had to be rescued by the RSPCA.

The bird was spotted digging through rubbish in the bin under the railway station in Chelmsford, Essex, last Tuesday.

A passer-by noticed the gull was still there a while later so they called the RSPCA, concerned that the bird may be stuck.

Animal rescuer Chloe Frost lifted the gull free, checked it over and then released it in a quiet road.

She said: “No doubt this cheeky gull was on the lookout for something to eat and thought he’d try his luck in the bin.

“It seems he’d got in without a problem, but getting out wasn’t quite as straightforward!

“The gap in the bin was just a little too small for him to get out on his own.

“I’m really glad the people who spotted him gave us a call as it was a simple rescue for me that helped the gull back on his way again.

“I made sure to check him over but he was in good health and a nice healthy weight too.

“Maybe he’ll think twice about climbing in a bin again!”